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My name is Jeremy Hyde, and I live in Michigan with my amazing wife and our five sons.  I have been a self-proclaimed poet for most of my life, and have only recently begun writing about football, though I have been a huge football fanatic for much longer than I have been a writer.  I got started by writing about NFL rookies in the "Comments" section of Matt Williamson's weekly ESPN Rookie Watch article about halfway through this last season.  The positive feedback I received from ESPN members has prompted me to try things on a bit larger scale.  I have always spent a lot of time researching NFL Draft prospects (studying film and keeping massive spreadsheets with all the data I can scrape up), and I have always had a knack for evaluating talent and picking out the diamonds in the rough.  There is something exciting about attempting to project which of the top college football players have what it takes to contribute, star, or even dominate at the NFL level...almost like gambling without having to risk your assets.  It is my goal to be able to share my research, insights, and opinions with other football fans who get excited about the NFL Draft and the NFL's young players...and to do so in a format where football is the focus.  I hope to be able to earn the trust and respect of anyone who reads my work as I try to establish the same track record with new readers as I have already with those who know me. 


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